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Wax Stamp on your gift

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As pictured with any and all - brand aligned, brief aligned abs colour theme (purpose aligned) to advise us after ordering by email

These can take over 30 mins per gift (Ie VIP 30 mins to a simple design 15 mins) - we have utilised these for many years & now have our new stamp aligned with new MMH font. This adds class & only the higest quality of wax hence two price points. 

We also offer dual branding and with the correct imagery can have your businesses wax stamp curated within 2 working days which you can keep or we keep if you are one of our business partners. 

Some photos of our stamp to start then price points on similar costing smaller less wax less labour examples. 

Warmly, MMH

Wax Stamp on your giftWax Stamp on your giftWax Stamp on your gift