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“Artisan Coffee Caving” (For coffee Lovers)

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This hamper is for coffee & sweet lovers.

Please note you can also build your own to budget 

✧ 250g pack of whole bean or ground coffee, The Little Coffee Co

✧ 2 x Organic Cold Brew Coffee cans, The Little Coffee Co

✧ Koala shortbread, Monarch of the Glen (or Gluten-Free Shortbread Whisk and Pin)

✧ Honey, Blue Mountains Honey

✧ Drool-Worthy Honey Comb Rocks (gluten-free), Whisk and Pin 

* Huge Rocky Road, Whisk & Pin (gluten free option)

✧ Stainless Steel Artisan Coffee Clip to serve and keep coffee fresh

✧ Artisan Honey Stirrer and Bamboo Spoon

✧ Lollies, The Lolly Bug 

Presented in a woven keepsake basket with native and/or dried flowers.


The Little Coffee Co (TLCCo) s based in Lawson in The Blue Mountains. They commissioned local artist Beth Norling to draw the map on our bags as a tribute to Myles Dunphy. You can see the drawing on their coffee packs and cans. 

Words from TLLCo

"We may be little, but our reach for the highest quality single-origin bean that forms our decadent blend is long. So long, that every couple of years we pack our robes, decant disillusion, and make a pilgrimage. To meet with small coffee farmers around the world in order to source the single-origin green beans that will later form our special blend. And it indeed becomes special because of the relationships we build with the farmers we meet – the people – who grow our beans in places such as Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, Sumatra and Brazil.

The result is a blend that embodies friendships and good times like a favourite tune. Embraces fond memories and clears the head. It plays a rhythm upon the tongue, before building soulful, rich mid-tones that hang around like a good friend at a party refusing to accept that it has ended.”


Birthday - Thank You - Thinking of you -

Mother’s Day (delivered on the day) 

“Artisan Coffee Caving” (For coffee Lovers)“Artisan Coffee Caving” (For coffee Lovers)