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Award Winning & Top Chef Condiments, Pulp It Produce Blackheath

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320 grams Large Serving for event or to last for many many meals 

A Traditional English Piccalilli and a multi- gold fine food award winner - a classic medley of vegetables, with the distinctive yellow colour and sharpness of turmeric and mustard. A simple sensation served on the plough mans platter, take your cheddar sandwich to the next level.

Swear Jar Sambal
A tomato, chilli and garlic based relish , laced with ginger gives a deep flavour - a must have in your fridge. Use across a multitude of cuisines, from Italian dishes to Chinese dipping sauces , thai curries and in preparation of your seafood sauce.

Where can’t you use it - it’s only limited by your imagination. If your into chilli and spicy food - this is the bomb - it’s won 8 fine food awards over the past 12 years.

Roasted Beetroot and Garlic Relish

A favourite of all with its sensational earthy flavour, naturally sweet and a colour that will rock anyone’s palate - this relish of roasted beetroot and garlic with our gentle blend of spices has a multitude of uses - our favourites are listed on the back label

More details coming on the others but please refer to the photo on the perfect matching methods of home fine dining photo enclosed.

The Avery signature is epic if you are looking for this theme. 


Award Winning & Top Chef Condiments, Pulp It Produce BlackheathAward Winning & Top Chef Condiments, Pulp It Produce Blackheath