Packaging 2 sizes - Exquisite Wooden highest of quality Handcrafted Boxes (pls note description)

Our sophisticated, truely exquisite, most popular hamper boxes. Each crafted by hand. These are created by Community focused & incredibly humble, kind and talented Noel Sargent. (Faulconbridge)
Using high quality off cuts such as Cypress Pine, Light Oak, Merbau etc. Just going into Noel’s work shed you feel relaxed.
Noel and equally noble wife Kath, are dear friends to MMH. Working together in both MMH and our charity Community Smiles. Noel grew up in a world of restoration, waste not want not. Utilising this honourable life long attitude and exceptionally strong commitment to quality - MMH struck the dream partnership. 
Local - One of Kind - Hand crafted - Elegant - Sophisticated - A gift in itself and all of this ecologically sustainable. 
Large $30
Colossal $40
When building your own