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“My Lady Lavender”

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Hugely popular gift and self gift of items we don’t seem to buy ourselves that are truely time out activities and such high quality.

This is bundled but you can buy separately in build your own 


Lavender Mousse, The Soapstess (think body butter but next level)

This incredible product has changed how our crew shower and use skin care. Straight from shower on wet legs this mousse has your legs shining yet light weight and smelling insanely good with exquisite ingredients (read more here: 


2. Editor’s Choice at the 2022 International Beauty Shortlist Awards FACE Cream with Rose Geranium & Lavender 100g - Paudha Healing 

This will last months as the most enriching face cream that is also vegan organic AND cruelty free. 

3. Lavender & Linseed Eye Pillow - Lovely warm corduroy fabric filled with Wyoming Estate Lavender flowers and locally sourced wheat.

Hand stitched into 2 sections to help keep the wheat evenly spread. And boy it is noticeable. 

Perfect solution to aid the pain of aching muscles or simply a winter warmer, either way they smell divine. 

Can be used as either a heat or cold pack. Instructions included with the pack.

4. Also a big hit at the awards is Nina’s Bees Face and knock Balm filled with bees paradise, lavender and patchouli 

5. Large Dried Floral Bouquet of Dried Lavender

6. Lavender Bath Bomb (can also be used in shower after soap or product or the same

7. Exquisite Soaps By Heather

7a Lavender and Patchouli  

7b Lavender and Rosemary 

 A gift of pampering, time out and truely exquisite regional award winning delights. 

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“My Lady Lavender”