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Hand Made Dolls & Mermaids. No two the same, Lotus Heart Soul

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Handmade - one of kind - mermaids current being crafted of the same. Allocated randomly but absolutely add to your note any preferences or send us an email at after ordering,

For MMH apart from quality, unique and hand created we live & breath a world of waste not want not - providing excellence and using a lateral approach to all matters re this ethos couple this with the makers purpose (below) we absolutely adore these fun yet purposeful dolls in a time where the world hhad changed so much, just brilliant.

 More About your doll:

From Maker:

“I love seeing excited faces when choosing one of our fairy worry dolls. I started making these with my daughter who can have trouble getting to sleep at night because of her worries. This has been helpful to us and is now apart of our nightly routine. 

Lotus Worry Dolls are handmade with love and care. As a mother and a teacher, I am a big advocate for supporting children’s emotional well-being. These dolls can be a useful tool for our little people with minds that worry. Promoting communication and expression, providing comfort and to help ease worries at bedtime for a restful sleep.

How do I use my Lotus Worry Doll? 

Lotus Worry Dolls can be used as part of your nightly bedtime routine. Children tell any worries they have to their worry doll and their special doll holds onto their worries so they don’t have to as they sleep, helping release these worries from their mind. They can give their doll a hug and place it next to their bed.

*You can be flexible in how to use these dolls that work for you and your family.  *Worry dolls can also be a helpful conservation starter with your little souls about their worries.

Caution: Small parts, not recommended for children under 3 years of age.

About Lotus Heart Soul

Rachel Durkin, Founder & Creative Director 

Meaningful gifts from the heart 🤎 
Based in the beautiful Blue Mountains on Dharug and Gundungurra Land 🌿

At LOTUS heart and soul we give from our hearts space and each product is unique and made with intention and love.

My name is Rachel, I am a teacher and a mum to my three lotus hearts - my Island Mermaid, Little Seal & Lily Flower. 

LOTUS heart and soul is inspired by nature, connection, self-care, love and giving. It has blossomed from a grieving heart. At the start of 2022 my beautiful Dad grew his Angel wings and I have found being in a creative space a healthy distraction for the mind and grieving process. 

I have always been someone who chooses heart over logic and I love giving thoughtful gifts to others. I have a holistic view on physical, mental and spiritual health. I believe in combining modern medicine with gifts from Mother Earth. I draw from crystal healing, herbal medicines, essential oils, traditional medicine, acupuncture, chakra balancing and spiritual connection.

Thank you for engaging with LOTUS heart and soul, your support and connection is appreciated.

Thank you for allowing me to share the memories and love of my wonderful dad through this space. Our memories of making jewellery together, his crystal collection I always admired as a kid and kindness to all he met is my inspiration for LOTUS heart and soul. Honouring my Dad, who is always in my heart.

I look forward to getting to know you all.”

May we all look after each other. 
 Rachel 🙏

Hand Made Dolls & Mermaids. No two the same, Lotus Heart SoulHand Made Dolls & Mermaids. No two the same, Lotus Heart SoulHand Made Dolls & Mermaids. No two the same, Lotus Heart Soul