Hand Knitted Native Birds

These will be absolutely so fitting for the children and family hampers and.....

With limited numbers initially we will try and keep them to the hampers but should it be something very special to the person you are gifting we will always have 1 of each available to add to cart. Now the fun BIT 😍😍😍. 

The story behind these gorgeous birds: 🐦 

DssHandmade is a small Australian family business. Currently Road tripping! How absolutely inspiring these wonderful humans are. A bit from our meet:
“It began one Christmas after I had made the children a set of oversized games to be used for camping, checkers, chinese checkers etc, and my eldest, computer savvy daughter decided that they could be sold on Etsy. It grew from there into knitted toys, wooden toys and much more. I found a book with knitted Australian Animal patterns in it and they proved to be very popular.
Now we are on the road from home across Australia we are sticking to our beautiful birds over this long and exciting time.
Darryl, the D in Dss and myself the first S are both officially retired now so the world is our oyster as they say and we plan to make the most of it. We also have Susie, the second S, our daughter and joining us more recently is Lisa, Susie's sister-in-law and Sharon our niece. So it is definately being kept in the family.”