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Fruit and Cheese/Chocolate (4 sizes and vegan or diary options)

From our dear friends at Mountains Fresh Growers together with the epic Cons Continental deli build from these bases.

Each of the “cheese and fruit platters” come with a freshly baked baguette/bread stick.

You can add on beverages or chocolate to the dairy version. The cheeses are seasonal but if the highest quality included blue vein, truffle , soft and hard cheeses together with Margie Beer Quince Paste 

Plant Based / Vegan

Berry chocolate 🍫 and 2 plant based cheeses - truffle infused and seasonally available second cheese.  These as pictured are presented stunningly in a rustic wooden box with rope handles 

Adding Wine or other items beverages, chocolate etc?

Simply go to Build your own to add anything else to this to truely personalise. Wine, cider, beer, kombucha etc we will upgrade your box to fit accordingly. 

Just looking for a little fresh goodness?

Please select the fruit add on - this must accompany a signature hamper or if building your own packaging choice. We hand pick the most lush local produce and a baguette or bread stick.