Executive Hybrid (Vegan or Meat/Dairy)

Meat / Dairy Finish

Packed Lux in an keep sake colossal hand made in Faulcobridge high quality wooden Blue Mountains Made Wooden box go on an adventure of taste.

With a glass (or 3) of locally produced Shiraz (Megalong Valley Jack Shiraz Dry Ridge Estate) your adventure starts with a freshly baked Baguette (pre orders only).

Season the baguette with Wentworth Falls Mushroom infused Rock salt plus each of the three cold pressed organic infused olive oils. 

Starting with Truffle then Garlic and lastly to freshen your palette Lemon. 

Add to your baguette or bread of choice of Artisan Salami Roll - truffle, chilli or Danish cheese infused  (pls advise if you have a preference otherwise alternating).. mountainsmadehampers@gmail.com

After you finish grazing leave space for indulgent Snow and Rocky Road hand made in Katoomba Chocolate and finish the experience with some locally sourced gourmet trial nuts and the rest of the Shiraz.

To make this the hybrid it is we added the cheese platter and 1/2 the fruit platter (with the client picking ideal seasonal fruit to their tastes)



1. Dukkah Rub Jar (Katoomba)

2. Vegan Quad Spice Jars gift pack (Katoomba)

3. Vegan Cooking Kit  (Katoomba)

4. Brewed Kamboucha with local Wogan natural Spring Water 2 Pack (Lawson)


Hibiscus - Lemon Myrtle - Signature - Ginger

5. Half open vegan cheese platter 

6. Plant Based Bath Bomb (Springwood)

7. Vegan Handmade Palm Oil and Nut Free Soap (Three sisters scent) Blackheath

8. Wentworth Falls Mushroom Sea Salt 

9. Wentworth Falls grown, produced and packaged Mushroom Ketchup 

10. Organic Blue Mountain’s Grown Dried Lavender (Springwood)

11. Hibiscus Edible Syrup (Kurrajong)

12. Kale artisan crackers 

13. Oversized organic locally made and grown Sauerkraut (see sauerkraut description by searching and advise if you have a infusion preference)  

14. Karu Affinity Gin 250 mls (please email us if you prefer another beverage after reviewing our dedicated beverage line on Website)

15. Fresh citrus and organic herbs for the gin 💫💫

16. Fresh Baguette

17: Artisan Glass tea pot for a cockatoo with the gin hibiscus syrups mints citrus and with kombucha or hillbilly non alcoholic cider 👌👌👌❤️

Presented in a keep sake wooden box by Noel Sargent with occasion appropriate natives. 

Please email us your preferred delivery date, note and any other questions after ordering. This has been a huge hit.