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Classy Dab Hand - All things exquisite and art AND eco

Gift the love of art. And not just any Art - Stunning original mixed use Blue Mountains art. 

Screen Printed in Mount Victoria a stunning tea towel a lot of people frame these us included they are stunning and sizeable. Designed by Kara Cooper, Mount Vic and Me (just choose your candle scent and Tea Towel Print) 

Ivy Lane Candles Signature Amber MMH candle (as above just need to choose your scent)

Colourful Double pair of clay hand crafted jewellery, Everwild Studio

Shampoo and Conditioner Bars, Nina’s Bees

Morning Sunshine lotion bar - tips of hair, face and body 

Presented in a high quality original design Tote Bag from Nina’s Bees with Stunning Native Trimmings

This does not include food or beverages but simply add and we will include x