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“Jigsaw Puzzles” - RoseyRavelston Bookshop

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Jigsaw Puzzles 


RoseyRavelston Books
We're a (very) small social enterprise based in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. Run largely by a couple and our dog Echo (our quality control expert), with the vital support of a small group of supporters, we've managed to combine our love of reading with our passion for supporting refugees and asylum seekers.
We do this by donating 50% of our profits to a charity called Amiculus: The Humble Friend Project, who work to advocate for equity, the relief of poverty and to bring about the full realisation of human rights for refugees and people seeking asylum within the Greater Sydney community.
“Jigsaw Puzzles” - RoseyRavelston Bookshop“Jigsaw Puzzles” - RoseyRavelston Bookshop“Jigsaw Puzzles” - RoseyRavelston Bookshop