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Truely demonstrating the time and effort that goes into these products -

Artisan Chilli Bomb oversized Salami Log

Chilli Infused Honey. Non mass produced means time needed but also means such incredible experiences and ALL local! 

2 x Bullaburra Chili sauce (Alternating Mango Chilli Sauce/Le plum amour/Thai Smile/Strawberry minefields/blue surprise 

1 x Double Red IPA - Mountain Culture Beer

1 x Status Quo - Officially Australia’s number one Pale Al

1 x Larger Mountain Culture Beer 

Fresh Organic Chilli’s (seasonal and pending delivery as perishable) 

2 x large meat spices - pulled pork & Beer

Artisan Beer Soap

Presented in a ply box with Occassion appropriate natives. 

We recommend pre order followed by an email with your 200 word message and delivery date if you too love chilli, gourmet and local as much as us. mountainsmadehampers@gmail.com:

The incredibly unique, handmade with Blue Mountains Honey and Locally grown chillies, produced each individually is our absolute fav

With gum nuts and Gum Leafs for presentation. 

Enjoy ❤️ 🌶 🍯