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Blue Mountains Kombucha - Herbs of Life

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Organic, Raw & Traditionally Brewed In the Beautiful Blue Mountains

These come in our signature Vegan hamper “Viva La Vegan” however if building your own - you’re in the right place. 👌❤️

MMH offers separately also as a beverage option add on.


- Ginger & Lime

- Lemon Myrtle

- Hibiscus Flower

- Classic 

Want to know more? 🤤 

Created with Blue Mountains Spring Water and REAL whole organic fruits & Spices for a unique soft taste.

Our kombucha is created with the 4 ingredients that genuine kombucha is made with;water, raw cane sugar, tea, and mother 'SCOBY' culture all fermented together. 

The result is a high quality Naturally carbonated kombucha!

handcrafted in the Blue Mountains Australia.

no Erythritol. no stevia or steviol glycosides. no concentrates. no flavourings. no essences. and no pasteurisation. 

Always Cultured Never Compromised.

Kombucha as it should be. taste the difference!

Blue Mountains Kombucha - Herbs of Life