Artisan Local Mushroom Ketchup from our dear friends 912 Organics, Wentworth Falls


No nasties

Grown locally .

Mushroom Ketchup is the secret ingredient that cooks used to enhance the flavour of their roasts, casseroles, pies and sauces. If you have never tasted this sauce give it a try and start creating amazing dishes in your kitchen.

Try it on but not limited to beef, pork, chicken, eggs, pasta, fish, vegetables and sandwiches

Get the most out of your cooking with a bottle of this rich and flavoursome sauce.

Preduced and then packaged all in Wentworth Falls. 

Like nearly all our products short shelf life (4 weeks AFTER opening) which is just everything we are and love. 

Always a little awkward when you buy items with long shelves lives. 

But moreover it won’t last that long anyway

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