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Artisan Chilli Sauces (5 infusions) - Bullaburra Chilli and Spice

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Pete’s Rules we love;

Rule 1: No Gimmicks

Rule 2: True Flavour rules

Rule 3: No Fear, no regret

Sweet Mango combined with hot habanero chilli reminds me of the tropical wet season and living in Far North Queensland. I wanted inspiration for a sauce to take me back there, savory and a little sweet, to deliver memories of wiping a beaded sweat across the brow at the Seaview Hotel Sunday ‘sesh’. Although this sauce has its origins in Central America, this Belizean hot sauce inspired the memories that I was looking for and is adapted from a recipe at https://www.geniuskitchen. Enjoy.


 Blue Berry Chilli Sauce

You are looking at a fresh blueberry and Carolina Reaper dessert sauce. Wait, what? Yes, a dessert sauce. Sure, you can use it on other meals, but it works so well with ice cream! This sauce has an outstanding blueberry base flavour, and when mixed with orange juice, limes, shallots and spices, this is the dessert sauce way outside the supermarket paradigm. Toss a generous swirl on a plate with baked cheesecake and ice cream, it is heaven sent for you to try before you die! Oh, P.S. the Reaper Chillies are hot, Real hot. Use plenty of ice cream… taste and adjust!

Artisan Chilli Sauces (5 infusions) - Bullaburra Chilli and SpiceArtisan Chilli Sauces (5 infusions) - Bullaburra Chilli and Spice