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Globally Acclaimed Craft Lightning Gin and Affinity Gin - Karu Distillery

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Have it on the rocks neat or our favourite combo if we are to mix is with Hillbilly Non Alcoholic Cider

 At the base of the Blue Mountains lies Karu Distillery, a small batch, locally run and independent distillery that prides itself on 

the research, development and production of international and local award winning spirits that are sourced mainly from homegrown and local

Welcome to The Mouth of The Devils Wilderness....

As recognised in Forbes Globally acclaimed Karu Lightning 

Gin lovers prepare for a big gin! This is a Navy-strength gin, so be careful – at 57% ABV, it packs a delicious punch. Karu Distillery, well-known for using only the freshest native Australian ingredients, featuring three different citrus fruits, Lemon Myrtle, bitter Ruby Grapefruit, and sweet Mandarin orange. The bold flavours of juniper are enhanced by the earthly herbaceous notes, a complex flavour palette for the discerning gin connoisseur. Add a splash of tonic and a few bitters and fresh-squeezed blood orange juice for a refreshing drink on a crisp fall day.

Affinity Gin by Karu Distillery

Australian Contemporary Gin
44% Abv 8 standard drinks

Affinity is a must-have Australian Contemporary style of gin delivering a range of incredibly warm and well-rounded complementary flavours. Notes of traditional juniper, a sliver of orange citrus, delicate floral notes, rich Christmas spice, and the natural sweetness of vanilla and almond.

Affinity is batch distilled in our 200L Gin still. The majority of our botanicals are sustainably sourced from small-scale farms whilst growing a few ourselves adding them fresh to the botanical basket to help give our gin an exciting sensory experience that can be enjoyed neat or in your favourite gin cocktails. 

Paired Tonic/Sodas: Capi – Dry Tonic, Strange Love – Yuzu Soda, Poachers – Citrus, Barker & Quinn – Marula Tonic, Barker & Quinn – Hibiscus Tonic, and Apple Cider.

Globally Acclaimed Craft Lightning Gin and Affinity Gin - Karu Distillery