Our Philosophy


As a Boutique organisation we pride ourselves in being functional, knowledgeable, passionate and purposeful.

People care about the experience, online and off. How a product is delivered — how it makes you and your recipient feel — indeed for most it is as important as the product itself.

“The  difference between buying and shopping - which large corporate/commercial are unable to meet this experience”

Many people don’t have the opportunity to discover these products independently. Small Batch is fickle — People want to be inspired, to buy with the very exciting indeed inspiring and powerful knowledge, and to feel good about what they are buying or gifting.

 “People want to do business with people”

They care about relational transactions and customer service, whether they’re buying food or furniture.

Many boutique owners build influence and trust through their personal brand, not just in the products & services.

They show their real, authentic. That’s what sets them apart. Their customers have a personal connection and want to engage with them and inspirationally their partners (suppliers).

And at MMH we live and breath this and it is the core of our culture’s philosophy.