Our Philosophy


You care as much about the experience of choosing a luxury product and how it is delivered as the product itself.

You want to be inspired by your purchase, to be thrilled and empowered. You need to feel right about what you purchase and gift to others you love and respect.

You want to do authentic business with real people, not mass-producing conglomerates.

We get it.

We do too.

For you – and us, it’s the difference between buying and shopping.

But in your time-poor life, you don’t have the time or opportunity to seek out small batch artisan products, destination specific gifts and unique samples in out-of-the-way locations.

We do.

We have.

MMH has tasted, sampled, sipped and trekked the length and breadth of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area seeking, looking and sniffing out exceptional new talent and quality.

Our standards are high. Products must ignite excitement within our belly. They must amaze, delight and incite unreserved drooling desire.

The artisans, producers, makers and growers featured in the MMH collection continue to raise the bar.

Some have even created exclusive products for us. That means there are flavours, fragrances and products in the MMH range you won’t find anywhere else – not even from the suppliers themselves.

All you have to do is choose between one exceptional gift and another.