Luxury Corporate Gifting & Conferences (VIP, Board, Executive)

Our uber plush collection won’t be finalised until July 31, 2022.

But since you’re here, we’ll give you sneaky peek.

Warning: one glimpse creates instant desire!

Download a printable inquiry form to arrange a personalised appointment with our executive officer:
MMH Brochure_Corporate.pdf Printable Inquiry Form
MMH Brochure_Conference.pdf Printable Inquiry Form

One of Australia's first luxury gifting businesses, the MMH range is sourced from within our magnificent location – the world-class Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.

Our gifts complement the ultra-luxury and conservation ethos of VIP gifting - conferences, events and milestones (eg: end of year or project). 

MMH also offers this purpose-driven service to likeminded tourism businesses such as hotels.

Each gift is presented to impress with globally and nationally acclaimed fine food, beverages, art and authentic artisan gifts inspired by the flavours, fragrances and textures of the Blue Mountains.