About Us


After more than five years of research and development, MMH is delighted to present a collection of the finest artists, producers and creators of small batch luxury items in the Greater Blue Mountains.

In 2020, MMH embarked on a mission to provide an additional pathway to local artists and the retail and tourism industry.

From the quality of each product to our sustainable packaging, the MMH values are evident in our gifts – conservation, luxury, purpose, innovation and authenticity.

We present our network of untapped Blue Mountains talent through a sensory experience of high-quality goods to tourism, conferences, events, corporate and door service within the region as well as corporations Australia-wide.

About MMH owner Sarah

Armed with a background in founding charities (Community Smiles established 2015), board and executive roles in major construction, building and property, Sarah Cuzner brings luxury artisan products of the region to notice with her boundless passion and energy, country style personality and wish to help create a better world.

During the early stages of the pandemic, a quote resonated strongly with her:

``In a rush to get back to what you’re doing? Think about what you’re rushing back to.’’

So, she slowed down, took notice of the myriad extraordinary small batch items being created by artisans, producers, craft brewers and artists within her own community.

She then noticed that talent was largely unrepresented and unacknowledged, therefore undiscovered by those who would appreciate it most – high-end luxury visitors and top tier corporates who have seen it all.

MMH showcases this cache of undiscovered Greater Blue Mountains talent and quality carefully curated gifts. Each product has been selected, tried and tested personally by Sarah, so you can be confident of exceptional quality.

An extremely proud Blue Mountains resident, Sarah herself embraces the high-end life
and adores regional small batch goodies you can’t buy anywhere else.

She loves nothing more than wearing the latest Mountains Culture Beer Co frothie on
her top lip, cheekily sticking her pinky finger into a jar of Blue Mountains Honey and breathing in the soothing fragrance of an botanical candle at the end of a hard day’s luxe living in the world-famous Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.