“Sweet Mountains Sunshine” Blue Mountains Chocolate themed indulgence hamper


Literally the most decadent handmade chocolate & sweets you will ever try and all from the beautiful Blue Mountains

1. Drool worthy Honey Comb Rocks

2. Oversized Rocky Road 

3. Blue Mountains Honey

4. Blue Mountains Raspberry Jam

5. Large unicorn adult suitable fairy floss tub

6. Drool worthy Fudge block (Baileys / Birthday Cake Alternating)

7. A giant chocolate freckles with a message of the celebration from birthdays, congratulations, Merry Christmas etc. please include in your notes on check out 🙏.

8. Old School Hard Boiled Lollies x 2

9. Koala Shaped Shortbread 

10. 2 x mixed lollies from the lolly bug 

11. Dark Chocolate artisan dipped oranges 

12. 4 a pack of Hillbilly Cider mixed 

13. Marshmallows from the Marshallow Club 

(Craft Mountain Culture Beer also available / wine etc as an alternative if you prefer this; please also include in your email).

 This is presented in a woven keepsake wooden craftsmen box by Noel Sargent, Faulconbridge or large craft picnic basket pending the Occassion x