“Ménage Mountain” Family themed Bounty

2 x Hand knitted rotating Knitted Native bird toy (ass addition in add ons)

Tea Leafs pack (Peppermint, Great Aussie Campfire or Black) pls advise if you have a preference if not alternating. 

2 x Giant lollipop

Artisan Beer Soap 

Artisan Three Sisters Soap

Blue Mountains Honey

Artisan Salami Roll - truffle, chilli or Danish cheese infused  (pls advise if you have a preference otherwise alternating).

Hard Boiled Lollies

4 x Mountain Culture mixed pack (Double Red IPA, /Status Quo and 2 x Large

”the little birds” Self Illustratedb and Authored local author 

Drool Worthy Snow and Rocky Road 

Riesling (dryridge estate)

1 X random reads

Diffuser and candles - Ginger and white tea

4 time's organic extra virgin Olive oil gift pack (Garlic, truffle etc)

Artisan mushroom to match the above

Bush Cookies

3 x non alcoholic  cider


Presented in our Colossal Hand Crafted box or Picnic Basket and finished with seasonal natives.