“Avery” Award winning must have for lovers of food, local and delicacies

Mushroom Ketchup - Wentworth Falls

Swear Jar Sambal or any Pulp It lines we stick please let us know (Roasted Beetroot and Garlic or personal must have Piccalilli grown, produced and packaged to the highest quality in Blackheath) 

Plum Chill Sauce EX L - Kurrajong 

Lemon Butter - Luddenham and Portland 

Chilli or Ginger infused Blue Mountains origin Honey

A variety of BBQ and other Artisan Chilli Sauced - Bupburra

Presented in a stunning keep sake basket. With seasonal and occasional appropriate natives 

Please email us your 200 word gift note, delivery date request as soon as you order. Love MMH mountainsmadehampers@gmail.com