About Us - MMH

Founded in early 2020 MountainsMade Hampers embarked on a mission to provide an additional pathway to local artists and the retail and tourism industry.

MountainsMade Hampers is all about community. In addition to our door and postal service; we also work with corporations Australia Wide spreading Blue Mountains Small Batch Acclaimed Artisan Bounties.

All of our Signature Hampers, add on gifts and the vast majority of our sustainable hamper packaging comes from our community.

About our owner 

Sarah Cuzner comes from a board and executive background in Major Construction, Building & Property but her passion, country style persona and yearn for a better world has navigated her to MMH.

She also is the founder of Community Smiles Est. in 2015 a public benevolent institution focused on the Blue Mountains.

During the early stages of the pandemic a quote “In rush to get back to what your doing, think about what your rushing back too” resonated very strongly with her. 

At this time whilst delivering an adapted contactless Winter Drive she embarked on a mission close to heart and MountainsMade Hampers was born. 

The ideology of local, exceptional quality and community being key. The business has been a huge purpose driven & niche success and is gravitating a well mapped journey that supports strategic business whist remaining community and tourism/Blue Mountains focused.

Sarah is also incredibly excited about the world knowing just how vastly talented the region is in addition to it’s breathtaking landscapes and attractions. Past - Current and Future.

She is an extremely proud BM citizen and looks forward to continuing to embrace all things high end, small batch with local, kindness and exceptional standards to all stakeholders. That being - the tourism and blue chip sectors / industries - community and small and large local businesses.