About Us - MMH

During the early stages of the pandemic in 2020, MMH founder Sarah Cuzner heard a quote that resonated strongly with her: ``In the rush to get back to what you're doing, think about what you're rushing back to''.

So, she slowed down, took notice of the myriad extraordinary small batch items being created by artisans, producers, craft brewers and artists within her own community.

She then noticed that talent was largely unrepresented and unacknowledged, therefore undiscovered by those who would appreciate it most – high-end luxury visitors and top tier corporates who have seen it all.

In establishing MMH, Sarah provided an additional pathway to artists and the retail and tourism industry in the beautiful Blue Mountains region of NSW Australia.

From the quality of each product to our sustainable packaging, the MMH values are evident in our gifts – conservation, luxury, purpose, innovation and authenticity.

We present our network of untapped Blue Mountains talent through a sensory experience of high-quality goods to tourism, conferences, events, corporate and door service within the region as well as corporations Australia-wide.